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Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers You Seek, In One Place

What is mental health therapy?

Someone once said that therapy is a conversation with a purpose. At Just Be Counseling, LLC we believe that the purpose of therapy is to achieve mental wellness. We provide a safe welcoming space for you to talk freely about your emotions, your past and your life all while working on your therapeutic goals. We empower you to work through any barriers you may have on your journey to mental wellness and support you as you heal emotionally. This is achieved by helping you identify stressors, process emotions and use effective coping skills. Given the nature of therapy and uniqueness of each individual benefits of therapy may vary and are not guaranteed. Additionally, there is inherent risk associated with discussing unpleasant emotions and events. Some of these include, but are not limited to experiencing uncomfortable feelings and increased symptoms. Some of these risks can be temporary as you continue to evolve on your journey and learn effective coping skills.

What is Just Be Counseling, LLC's therapeutic approach?

Our approach at Just Be Counseling, LLC is person centered. Therefore the success of our work together relies heavily on the alliance that we have with you. We meet each client where they are at and empower them to set the pace of their journey. 
We understand that people engage in mental health therapy for a variety of reasons. At Just Be Counseling, LLC we pride ourselves in meeting people where they are at. We specialize in issues related to adjustment disorder, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, behavioral issues, parenting skills, life transitions, LGBT + , mood disorders, mild substance use and trauma. If we can not meet your therapeutic needs we will gladly assist in finding you a provider who can.

What do you mean by a "holistic approach" to mental wellness?

At Just Be Counseling., LLC our primary focus is mental wellness and inner peace. That means our approach incorporates mind, body and soul. Mental health therapy is a powerful tool. In our process we often focus on mindfulness, meditation, essential oils and diaphragmatic breathing. True to our mission statement, we strive to have a collaborative approach with all healers and professionals that work with our clients. This includes their general practitioner. Additionally, we support our clients and encourage pursuing healers in the areas of reiki, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and yoga.

What is pet therapy?

Epic our certified therapy dog is a hypoallergenic shih tzu. He is present for most of Joanna's appointments unless otherwise requested. His involvement in sessions is determined by both him and the individual. In some cases he might sleep in his bed. In others he might cuddle next to you. In some cases he also might try to monopolize the session. He is great at helping people build confidence, communication skills and feel grounded. If you do not feel you would like Epic at your sessions, we completely understand. Just let us know when you call to make your appointment.

What can I expect at my first session?

Your first session will be a comprehensive intake assessment. This is where we get to know you. We will talk about your history, family life, work and/or school life, treatment history and what brings you to treatment. Additionally, We will review with you our office policies and procedures as well complete necessary paperwork. At this appointment you will need to bring your insurance information and a credit card to keep on file. If you are a minor a legal guardian must be present. It is normal for people to become emotional during this appointment. Once we have obtained the intake information we will begin the therapeutic process. Each session we will work together to address your specific therapeutic goals. Sessions are typically 55 minutes,

How do I know Just Be Counseling, LLC is a good fit for me?

Taking the first step in any journey may come with many emotions. Given the sensitive nature of therapy it is important you feel comfortable and connected to your therapist. Just Be Counseling, LLC offers a free phone consultation to address any questions you may have regarding practice and our therapeutic approach. Most people can tell during this consultation or the first few sessions if their therapist is right for them. It is important to remember it is YOUR journey. If you don't feel comfortable or connected to your therapist let them know. If it is something that can not be worked through in session they will happily refer you to someone else.

What is the cost of therapy?

Currently Just Be Counseling, LLC is in network with Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Unite Healthcare and Aetna.  We are also an out of network provider. 

If Just Be Counseling, LLC is out of network with your insurance it is possible your insurance may still cover your appointments. Ask your insurance provider about your out of network benefits. Just Be Counseling, LLC will gladly provide you with an invoice after your appointment for you to submit to insurance. In the event you are self-pay or do not have insurance please contact our office for our service rates. 

Does Just Be Counseling, LLC offer telehealth?

Yes. At Just Be Counseling, LLC we understand that there are challenges that may interfere with your journey to mental wellness. Therefore for your convenience we offer telehealth services through our electronic health record platform TherapyNotes. 

Is Just Be Counseling, LLC able to see people out of state?

Just Be Counseling, LLC is currently authorized to see people located in NJ in person or via telehealth and people located in Florida via telehealth only.

What are your Hours of Operation?

Every Other Sunday: 8am to 1pm

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 8:00am to 7:30pm

Wednesday: 8:30pm to 9:30pm

Friday and Saturday: Closed

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